Going green for gains

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ for large companies and is now a business ‘must’. Research conducted by CRN has shown that sustainability is now one...

Expedition To The North Pole: Part 3

"We are the Pilgrims, master, we shall go always a little further: it may be beyond that last blue mountain bard with snow, across that angry or that glimmering sea". James Elroyd Flecker

Expedition To The North Pole: Part 2

‘A Race against Time…’

Part 2- Plan C – Ready to Go?

‘"After 3 years in the making with setbacks, obstacles in our way, it looks like a goer. This is 5 years from since I last set off down South...


I wrote a blog back in February 2020 (Titled “Because we’re Appy”) which outlined how our digital habits and the way we consumed data had changed dramatically via apps and 4G without most of us...

Expedition To The North Pole: Part 1

"Failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail"

by Vic Vicary

‘We were flown back to Barneo Ice Station, but as we looked down we saw the horrendous impact of the climate crisis. It was awful, with...

The Benefits of Tape Destruction

When a business looks to recycle or destroy old hardware, data erasure is always a consideration. Everything you’ve saved on the hardware needs to be entirely removed before it can be sent off for...

A message from Sean Murphy

As the world continues through unprecedented tumultuous times, I wanted to update our community with the view from my chair as to where Procurri is, and a hope of where we go from here.

Covid-19 Keep your end users up and running

To say the world is changing as a result of the coronavirus crisis is an understatement, but businesses need to change with it to keep afloat and operating throughout. There will be an end to...

Coronavirus - the impact

Following on from our blog about how our digital habits have changed over recent years, the ways we think about marketing and doing business may change due to circumstances within our current...

Is Carbon Offset the New Currency?

Is carbon offset the new currency and true value with corporate legacy infrastructure?