Supply chain issues? Need equipment quickly or on a short-term basis? Need to get rid of legacy equipment? Is your customer struggling to find budget space for a project for a new initiative?

Procurri can help resolve your customers’ issues and boost your problem-solving credentials with them! How?!

Customer Pain Point Procurri Resolution
  Supply chain delays holding up BAU ordering and break/fix resolutions Procurri carries stock of all major OEM equipment, in distribution warehouses around the world. Can’t find what you need from your tiered distributor? Try searching by FRU or contact your Procurri account manager
  Equipment only required on a short-term basis Many datacenter projects create a short-term need for added capacity or redundant systems. Procurri can provide IT equipment quickly and for a short-term basis through our global rental program.
  Removal of legacy/decommissioned equipment needed Procurri can de-install and remove equipment of all shapes, sizes, types, and ages – anywhere in the world.
  Major cash savings required to build budgets for new infrastructure projects Procurri’s refurbished stock and Third Party Maintenance services extend the life of your infrastructure which allows budgets to be saved and built for other pressing needs.

Is your customer experiencing an issue they just can’t find a way around? Get as much information as you can and let them know you’ll do what you can to help – then contact Procurri, and let’s solve the problem together.