There is jargon in every industry, and IT is no different from any other. One term being increasingly used is ‘Hyperscaler’; with an international energy price crisis, worldwide chip shortage, and rapidly increasing demand for all things tech, it’s certainly being bandied about more and more. But what does it mean and how is it relevant to Procurri? Let’s look at the basics.

What is a Hyperscaler?

A Hyperscale is the name used to refer to one of the large companies providing cloud, networking, and internet services at scale through their infrastructure on an IaaS model. There are only a few corporates that can truly be referred to by this term as there’s a limited amount of competition in the space; simply because they are so dominant and so large. Today’s Hyperscalers include Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Alibaba.

What is Hyperscale Computing?

Hyperscale computing is the practice the Hyperscalers use: the ability to scale their architecture promptly and appropriately as increased demand is added to the system. This involves the process of providing and adding compute, memory, networking, and storage resources to a set of nodes at the same time. These nodes make up part of a larger computing, distributed computing, or grid computing environment.

Computing with the rapid ability to scale is necessary to build a robust cloud, big data, distributed storage, and map-reduce functionality and is critical for any large website.

Why does a business need to work with a Hyperscaler?

Large businesses need cloud enablement to offer a great service, and so their data will need to be hosted securely there. When there’s a lot of data to be held, working with a Hyperscaler ensures the capacity required is ready and that performance can be maintained at all times.

For businesses to provide a seamless service even when demand fluctuates, working with a Hyperscaler gives the best functionality and performance, relying on their tens of thousands of physical servers and virtual machines for cost-effective, easily accessible, and scalable data center resources. This is simply power that most organizations would be unable to manage for themselves.

As Hyperscalers are amongst some of the world’s largest and most powerful tech companies, working with them also offers a degree of reassurance for future-proofing. As Hyperscalers look to continually develop and improve their business, they invest vast amounts of money in innovating and growing their systems. For example, Microsoft recently invested almost $20bn to improve the infrastructure around its Azure cloud: undoubtedly an amount most other companies would be unable to spend on their own data center provision!

How are Hyperscalers relevant to Procurri?

While Procurri isn’t a Hyperscaler, we do work with them in several capacities. Our ITAD services have been used in the past to allow for the reuse and recycling of server hardware as it reaches the end of its life in a Hyperscaler’s data center; allowing for the increased sustainability credentials of the site and residual value to be fed back into the business. We have also worked with several companies of this size on our WFH Asset Reclaim Programme to avoid unnecessary hardware procurement and worked on-site at Hyperscaler facilities to offer expert Third Party Maintenance.

Unsure of if your data center requirement is suited to your own facility or if you need the services of a Hyperscaler? Get in touch and let’s evaluate your equipment and capacity needs.