At Procurri, we operate on a zero-to-landfill basis for all our ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) processed. This means that, if possible, equipment is securely wiped out of all data before being refurbished. As a company with a global reach, this allows us to establish a worldwide refurbished hardware supply – reselling it to those who need it and in turn, passing back the money made to the original customer.

Should businesses look to purchase data center hardware (be it legacy hardware or newer models), or to rent the hardware, they can do so at a competitive cost from Procurri; no matter where in the world they are.

We know that data centers often operate on older models of hardware and so spares are often difficult to source. That’s where Procurri comes in.

As a result of our mass refurbishment programs alongside our other stock of pre-used hardware spares, Procurri can offer a range of hardware supply services. This includes:

Legacy Hardware Spares

We provide hardware spares from both refurbished hardware supply and newer stock even far past the point when OEMs no longer produce or supply them. This allows businesses to sweat their assets for longer (deriving the optimum value from their hardware) and not to instil unnecessary service disruption due to replacement equipment being installed ahead of time.

Fully Configured Systems

Procurri works like a systems integrator and can fully configure all major OEMs to custom specifications. Our massive inventory of products can be built up to spec using our highly trained L3/L4 technicians. Compared to buying new hardware directly from the OEM, this provides material price benefits and with our refurbishment processes, there’s no compromise on performance.

OEM Authorized Parts Provider

Indeed, with our new, legacy, and refurbished hardware supply, we remain an authorized parts provider for many OEMs, complementing customers’ existing OEM agreements and contracts and ensuring that where in place, support remains in place.

Hardware Rental

Procurri’s new, legacy, and refurbished hardware doesn’t necessarily have to be purchased: if businesses are looking for short- or long-term hardware rental solutions, we can offer this from our current stock too! Alongside managing Capex to Opex management, swing kits, de-risking data center moves, seasonal processing, and test environments, we understand that you don’t always need to buy data center hardware outright to manage your current requirements. The Procurri team will work directly with your business to tailor a hardware rental solution the right fit for you.

Global Stock

Currently, the Procurri catalog promoting hardware sustainability through pre-used spares includes over 500,000 unique parts and over 50,000 different SKUs. This is alongside our stock of OEM-authorized spares and refurbished server hardware!