Procurri does things differently, and our fantastic performance in striving to deliver unbeatable sustainable IT solutions is driven by our great team. By making Procurri a great place to work, we ensure our people are empowered to do better and consistently improve at everything we deliver. As part of this, we focus on employee wellbeing as a priority; and last week hosted explorer and mental health coach Vic Vicary to speak to staff on Building Resilience.

Vic has worked through several expeditions to the North Pole to see first-hand the impacts of climate change and to highlight the issues upon his return. Needless to say, the trips have been challenging and along the way he’s built up coping strategies to manage emotional and stressful feats.

Of course, this isn’t to say that any Procurri staff is packing up and hopping off to the North Pole just yet (although we’d support them if they wanted to!). But everyone has their own North Pole; struggles, emotional baggage, and stressful periods – and it’s these we want to help equip people for. In the face of adversity, through both professional and personal lives, it’s critical that we’re able to draw upon our strengths and face things head-on to power through; but also in a way that takes care of mental health.

Encouraging employees to maintain a great work-life balance and providing mental health workshops such as Building Resilience with Vic Vicary is just one of the ways we look to empower and support Procurri staff. After all, we’re nothing without our amazing team.