To say the world is changing as a result of the coronavirus crisis is an understatement, but businesses need to change with it to keep afloat and operating throughout. There will be an end to this, but it is important that right now, you continue to support your customers and end users.

Here at Procurri, we sell through the channel, so whilst we don’t deal directly with your end users, we still want to help you maintain a robust service to them throughout this period of disruption (and any others that may occur).The Procurri team are here to get you through this and can do so in several ways.

Offering an Alternative Supply Chain for Hardware Sourcing
Whilst you may usually source your hardware from one place, supply chains all around the world are currently disrupted. If you are experiencing any delays or lapse in service due to current events, get in touch with your usual Procurri contact. Our global presence and warehousing mean that we’re able to source hardware of all types, shapes and sizes and have them delivered to you (and installed, if required) fast. We are becoming an alternative supplier of servers, storage, and networking hardware for many.

Offering Global On-Demand Engineering Services
Wherever you are and whatever you need fixing, there is a Procurri specialist technician able to help. Break-fix servicing is available in over 200 countries and can be managed on- or off-site, depending on your requirements. Our IT technicians have a number of varied specialisations and are still working around-the-clock to offer support on issues big and small.

Offering a Parts-On-Demand Service
Need a spare part but are unable to source it and/or the expertise needed to install it? Procurri’s team of expert technicians can source parts as required through their usual channels and can do so even if not part of a regular arrangement with your business. Even during lockdowns and ongoing uncertainty in many countries, we are still able to offer fast turnarounds and swift issue resolution; with or without an installation service if needed.

Procurri is ‘pivoting’, as many companies are, and are constantly adapting and moving to offer as much convenience and customer service as we are able. If you need help with anything server, storage or networking related; even if it relates to legacy hardware/software or niche products; get in touch with the team. The above are just examples of services we’ve innovated on so far but we’re certain that our team will be able to meet, and exceed, your expectations no matter how big or small your IT issues are. Let us adapt to you and work with, and not just for, your business.