Following on from our IR4 blog, its clear than not only are we in the middle of a new wave of technology changes with industry brought about by consumer change, but some of the simplest ways of communication are changing rapidly.

Our digital habits have changed over the last 20 years, from the mass role out of the internet, through to digital communication and email and then the introduction of the smartphone. All these developments have made significant changes to our lives, and yet there has been a significant shift over the past 3 years alone that may have gone unnoticed by many.

Only 5 years ago, even though smartphones were prevalent, most of us still logged on to websites as consumers to do everyday tasks such as banking and shopping. If I think about how I consume data on everyday tasks now, and the vast majority of these is via “Apps” which I have chosen to install. I do my banking via an app, I shop at my favourite online stores via their app, consume news and sport via downloaded apps of apps prebuilt into the mobile OS. Combine this with everything from insurance policies, social media, music and location services through to transportation and food delivery, and the digital age has made us “all appy”.

These companies can start to target and market us in much more clever ways, and we are getting to an age where companies know when you visit their stores, what your buying habits are, where you have been and what your main interest is. Its targeted marketing at the next level. These trends mean that we don’t “surf the web” as much as we once did. We have our favourite go to people and consume more and more from these companies. Its created stickiness. Every company likes to retain their customers and create stickiness with them to provide a better customer experience.

This is where Procurri helps its partners, by providing additional services for the channel allowing them to increase wallet share in their accounts and create that stickiness, all while helping them increase channel sales and grow the bottom line. By doing this, it also keeps the competition out whilst ensuring our partners are compliant with all their OEM framework agreements.

The latest change to our habits has slipped in under the radar over the past 12 months or so. Many of us are now consuming more data than ever, however the roll out of mobile uncapped data plans or 50GB to 100GB limits per month is common and allows us to stream TV, film and music on the go, although many of us get nowhere near the data limits we have. The main benefits being overlooked by many is the lack of desire to suddenly need that “public WiFi hotspot” these days, which not only makes it far more convenient, but also provides far greater security if we keep our own devices up to date and have the latest security software. Data theft is becoming the greatest issue we face in the digital age, and although this doesn’t solve the problem, this does go some way to help us achieve this.

Procurri also takes data extremely seriously, and with our ITAD facility and program, we ensure that not only do our partners get the highest residual values in the industry for their legacy assets, but we also have an ITAD program that is ADISA certified with CESG certification to ensure that our partners are fully protected from any data breach.

Please contact me should you wish to discuss any of the ways in which Procurri could help you provide these services into your customers.