Procurri unlocks new opportunities that will allow VARS to win more hardware business. The IT industry can seem a crowded marketplace, but, it’s imperative that your business stays true to itself whilst sticking vehemently to the OEM relationships. This is where Procurri comes in and helps you win more hardware business.

Procurri works to complement these relationships and agreements rather than conflict with them to help you sell more OEM equipment, increase margins and continue to strengthen customer relationships. This is primarily done through Procurri’s maintenance services, which introduce significant cost savings to the business – which in turn can be passed on to the end user. The cost savings made can then be invested either into new hardware or back elsewhere into the business.

What’s more, this gives your customers the freedom to choose from multiple options, as well as to feel that you’re a flexible and adaptable provider. This could increase much more your hardware business. For example, in pitching for a full technology refresh with a disaster recovery review included for a customer, Procurri can support you by offering two options.

Option 1 - The first would be to install the new hardware and use the previous hardware as the DR option; but with the enhanced peace of mind provided by the assurance that Procurri will supply ongoing cost-effective maintenance of the DR environment, even when the equipment used is now considered out-of-date or redundant.

Option 2 - N-1 or N-2 solutions, but at a greatly reduced cost; and still supplying ongoing support as and when required. These choices won’t be offered by other providers, giving you a competitive advantage above them and allowing you to shine out as the premium choice for both your existing and potential customers.

We appreciate that every customer presents unique challenges and issues, and Procurri is in the position to help you overcome them whilst adding value to your proposition.

  • No budget?
  • Legacy equipment?
  • Tricky upgrades?
  • Preferred OEMs you don’t have agreements in place with?

Procurri won’t allow this to become an issue, and instead will work with you to find creative and value-adding solutions to any challenges faced to secure your hardware business. Where other providers remain rigid and standard in their suggestions and proposals, your business can shine the light for exceptional service and lead by example by going the extra mile, time after time again.