In case you missed the memo, Procurri has a heavy business focus on environmental advocacy because we believe that acting sustainably provides value for all. But what does this work mean in practice? Let’s cover the basics.

Environmental advocacy refers to the practice of presenting information on sustainability and environmental issues to encourage people to adopt more sustainable practices in their life or business. This often takes the form of activism, but for Procurri, environmental advocacy is simply our business-as-usual.

Procurri provides sustainable best practice services as a standard to reinforce the concept that there needn’t be the option to pay more for ethical or environmentally-friendly products – they should be the status quo. Yet our baseline services don’t necessarily cost more than their more traditional counterparts; because in many cases, there is no comparison to be made. By doing things differently from industry norms and putting the customer and environment at the heart of everything we do, our services transform people’s perceptions of what can be achieved in IT.

Environmental Advocacy in ITAD & Lifecycle Services

Procurri’s ITAD & Lifecycle Services is a world apart from the traditional ‘pay for a wipe and dump’ utilities so many businesses are accustomed to. Instead, the recycling and refurbishment (and resale, if appropriate) of hardware is the first port of call – with nothing sent to landfill. This can provide further customer value and prove just how efficiently old hardware can be managed through these processes. The Procurri ITAD processing facilities are secure and industry-leading with expert staff and technology in place.

Environmental Advocacy in Equipment Deployment

Large companies or those with a significant geographic split between working locations often find they’re procuring new IT equipment needlessly due to the inefficient management of hardware deployed remotely. The Procurri WFH Asset Reclaim Program uses a ‘box’ system to recover IT assets where a traditional onsite pickup would be practical or possible. Managed and monitored on an item-by-item basis, hardware can be redeployed as necessary and negate the need for constant and unnecessary consumption.

Environmental Advocacy in Lifecycle Services

Procurri’s Third Party Maintenance services extend the lifecycle of IT assets, rebutting the need for businesses to dispose of hardware and replace it with newer equipment until such a time is inevitable. ‘Sweating’ IT assets to use them for as long as they’re functional increases the value derived from them and allows for businesses to accumulate budgets over time to replace hardware rather than blowing their budgets; an appealing financial benefit even for those who aren’t prioritizing sustainability. Where OEMs state an EOSL date, Procurri provides expert maintenance and break/fix support well beyond this point.

One day, we believe that all IT providers will operate sustainably and it’ll be the ‘done thing’, but for now, we’re happy to stand out from the crowd and lead the change to better, healthier, and more ethical operations.